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    i have a confirmation for the Pre LaunchParty in Cologne. Who else will go?
    How many people from will actualy go to any of these parties?

    Counting the days

    Greetings Markus
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    I will go to the party in Hannover, or like Manowar would say, HannoWAR
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    are there just two german Pre Central User going to a launch party ?
    C'mon, ..

    Greetings Markus
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    I'm also in Cologne
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    While you are there could you please check if they will sell it out of contract and what the price would be?

    My german aint good enough to call o2 and ask myself.

    Many thank.
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    I will be in cologne, too! Yeahhh I can't wait =)

    The Price without contract ist 481.
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    anybody want to party in hamburg?

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