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    Ive searched a while to find any info on this, thought i saw it a coulple of days ago... i didnt have the problem then, so i read a bit and moved on.. When i receive a text the notification bar only shows a pict of my contact and doesnt show a preveiw of the message, anyone having this problem or a way to fix it?? i think maybe i read this in 1.2.1 bugs and problems but not sure??
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    i am sorta seeing the same thing. I have no contact pics so nothing really shows up. What tweaks do you have?
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    messaging in landscape, charc counter.. which stopped working today and i cant remove it to add it again,keeps saying error already installed?? message forwarding, time stamp, audio/video in messaging, and new card per converstaion..i had all these installed before this started happening though.... also my date in top bar just dissappeared and cant fix that either... tried removing it and adding it and get the error 4 just all of a sudden happened nothing i can think of triggered it??
    sorry spelling is horrid... very tired
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    Hmm I can't see any common tweaks installed. Maybe it is something with 1.2.1.
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    I'm seeing this too. It was nice to be able to get a message preview, but now it's gone. Is everyone seeing this in 1.2.1?

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