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    I just checked for updates on my phone and I can see that 1.2.1 is available to download. 37MB and about 50% done downloading so far.

    Will report my results when it's all done!
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    all done installing! can confirm that it's 1.2.1

    however still no capabilities to add my CC# in the app catalog.
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    Still no voice dial??

    I see loads more tickets in my future!

    Hello.........Palm?? Please help me avoid higher insurance costs and add voice dial to the next update.
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    ya voice dial would be nice, oct 26 here in Ontario is the deadline, either get voice dial or get a hands free kit, one or the other is required. yes i have the 1.2.1 weeeee splat,, still no paid apps though..
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    Awesome time to put my preware tweaks back on. God bless the guys at Preware. hehe
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    Funny because after all the work Jason did this past weekend, I thought I would go ahead and install the tweaks on my phone for 1.2.0 for the first time (never ran any tweaks before). Only to wake up this morning, and read the tweet from @Palm that 1.2.1 has been released to Bell. Figures I'll have to wait until after work to remove my tweaks before upgrade.

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