Google AdSense Mobile for high-end phones, like Pre

Google Boosts AdSense for Mobile for Palm Pre

Google Boosts AdSense for Mobile for iPhone, Android, Palm Pre

Google Oct. 5 sought to address a nagging hole in the mobile advertising market by tuning AdSense for Mobile for high-end smartphones such as Apple's iPhone, the Palm Pre and devices based on Google's Android mobile operating system.

The new feature will let AdSense mobile publishers serve larger text and graphical ads on their Websites designed for those high-end smartphones, which leverage full HTML browsers to approximate the Web surfing experience of today's desktops.

These device-optimized mobile ads will load faster and fit better on small screens, ideally helping publishers make more money from people who visit the site and click on ads in the course of viewing the Web content.

AdSense mobile publishers could serve mobile text and image ads before this feature, but these ads were not tailored for high-end smartphones and were smaller, Google software engineer Danielle VanDyke explained in a blog post.

Inside AdSense: AdSense for mobile goes high-end

A video I have uploaded on youtube, shows more or less,how it works on mobile and pc