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    I've had my pre for a while now, but I need to return it. (shuts off when I close the slide, scratch, white spots at bottom) I'm taking it back to BestBuy mobile which I have a replacement plan for.

    Should I remove all of the QuickInstall tweaks and homebrew apps first, or just hand it right in?

    Oh, from what they tell me, it goes back directly to the factory and they'll either repair it or give me a new one from there.
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    this is a good question because my Pre is doing the same thing
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    No need to uninstall. You can do a backup and run the doctor on it but won't affect your coverage in terms of fixing hardware issues. Plus, some of the slider to shut off issues are from the battery being too small/loose, you could try 888-Best-Buy and request a battery replacement if you think that will help too.
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