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    I recently began to understand how to use Preware and WOQI and I have a few questions that I have searched for and cannot find. Is there a way to save the apps and patches that i have on my phone without having to delete all one at a time then having to reinstall one at a time. I have over 60 Homebrew apps and patches and it would take an incredible amount of time to do. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm not sure I understand the question ... why do you have to delete all of your Homebrew apps? If you're concerned about WebOS updates, then you only need to remove what are typically called patches. Most of the Homebrew apps don't alter WebOS and don't need to be removed for an update.
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    There is no way I know of that you can back the apps and patches up but they will stay on there unless you delete them
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    I guess what i am trying to say is that in order to download new apps from the app store I would need to delete many of the homebrew that I have installed. i was just asking if there was a way perhaps through WOQI to extract the apps and save the ipk's to a file so they can be easily transferred back afterwords.
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    I am not so worried about having to delete apps to install more apps. But it would be nice to have a homebrew app backup when you have to doctor the phone. This is especially true now that homebrews are migrating to the app catalog as paid apps.
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    One alternative is to use WOSQI. Instead of having to install each app one at a time, you can just check off and download all the ones you want, no matter how many there are, and install them all at once.
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    WOQI is how i got most of my homebrew apps on my phone. After i put them on i deleted most of the ipk's from my computer. I just thought it would be nice to be able to somehow extract the ipk's from the phone to the computer in the same way that you put them on. I think it would be more convenient if you could read the ipk's like files from a flash drive. I guess i don't fully understand how homebrew apps work.
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    There are many practical applications for a backup program, but there isnt a user-friendly option yet.

    I believe you can gain access to your Pre and copy the file system, but that may not save everything.
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    My Pre is loaded with apps, homebrew apps and patches & it's running the 800/500 MHz kernal..... It's actually running great except for a hardware issue and I have a replacement unit en-route to the Sprint Store as I type.

    Before I turn over my existing phone for the replacement - I have two questions for anyone that's been through this:

    1) Is there any thing I can do (other then making a hand written list) to ensure I put the same homebrew apps and patches on the new device? I don't believe any backup exists yet for homebrews and patches, but I thought I'd ask...

    2) Should I WebOS Doctor the phone prior to returning it - to restore it to stock. This would ensure my personal stuff is off and also ensure I wasn't handing in a phone with an overclocked processor, etc.

    Any help or direction on this, is extremely appreciated !
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    1. Pre Backup Utility and Save/Restore

    2. Sure if you want
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    If it is a warranty replacement and you overclocked your phone, you should use the Doctor to make sure everything is removed. The OC kernels do void your warranty.
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    1) The Pre Backup Utility goes in a continueous loop and never completes the backup for me.... I've read that others experienced this also but were still able to save most of thier info. Does anyone know of a thread that explains the details of how to use the Backup Utility to save off the info to a PC ??

    2) I read that the newest OS Doctor actually keeps copies of what it wipes clean - hence thier would be a record of having a different Kernal following an OS Doctor wipe - does anyone know if this is correct ??

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