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    I have a coworker who has not applied any tweaks/hacks or even gained linux access on his Pre. He installed 1.2.1 the day it was available and it keeps prompting him to reinstall it. I don't think its tweak related! Maybe its how its downloading the update? The people having this issue, are you getting the update via EVDO or WIFI? Are you traveling when downloading the update?

    This is incorrect. On a break I took a look at his Phone and he had 1.2.0 installed.
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMB View Post
    I have updated it 3 times so far, including the initial releases of 1.2.1
    I just got my 4th notification for 1.2.1 update.
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    Just got my 3rd notification for 1.2.1 update. I've got 26 patches installed and this crap is starting to get old...
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    So let me get this right, the Pre is great because you can install patches and homebrew apps (among other things). But, once you install all of these things you get nagged to re-apply the last OS update? That hardly seems worth it.

    Is this happening for everyone who installs patches, or just some?

    Am I wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by preforme View Post
    Alright, maybe this is off the wall, but just consider it. Wasn't 1.2 when Palm said that to use the apps catalog, you had to agree to permit Palm to remove any app that they basically wanted to. To remove an app that they want, they would have to keep track of what apps are installed. I am positive they wouldn't constantly monitor our phones, but periodically check since they would have to know every phone that has the app to be able to remove the app. I also don't think they keep track of the apps installed by name. They probably would be more efficient and have some form of code setting with individual bit settings for any app installed. It is also feasible that the code word is getting mis-set with "homebrew, or preware installs, or some other patch.

    I bring this up cause I don't know anyone with a virgin Pre that has the issue of repeated downloads. And, if I read correctly, the problem does happen to different individuals with different patches/tweaks loaded. The download notification isn't immediate, but some time after re-install and redoing the tweaks. Different people - different tweaks. But nearly all get the download.

    Just a thought.
    Sounds like a good theory to me.
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    Got the same problem as well. It is a pain, now I have to spend time again to install all the patches and little tewaks again. And again.
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    Add me to the list - this will be the 4th time. AAAAHHH!!

    Patches I have installed:
    - iphone spoof agent (change-user-agent) (updated for webOS 1.2.1)
    - Compose to Email
    - Enable Forwarding
    - Multi-Mod for Browser
    - Battery Icon and Percent
    - Call Duration in Call Log
    - Capture with Volume keys (for camera)
    - Sound Toggle - Green (for camera)
    - Unhide Dev Mode Icon

    Note I updated most of them today. Going back one by one to see if I can reverse it, but Updates isn't going to check again, I fear.

    Here we go...

    --- Update. Just removed all patches via Preware emergency patch remover and removed iphone spoof agent via command line uninstall. here we go.... again.. again... again.. again..
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    My 2nd time updating to 1.2.1 from 1.2.1 out of the blue.
    I have some HB apps from before the upgrade, but *zero* tweaks/patches installed.
    If it happens again, I'll just disable the update service for good.

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    After my first 1.2.1 update, I installed a few tweaks.

    LED Notification,
    Email in Landscape
    Battery In %
    Better word correction
    Minutes in call history.

    I got another notification, uninstalled all tweaks and did an update. No tweaks for few days and I did not get any update warnings. Applied tweaks back on yeserday, and promptly I got a warning today. I took out all the tweaks/patches and said OK for the update. We will see what happens. Someone on another thread said, the auto correction tweak causes the constant update warnings. Is this correct?

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    I think what we're seeing is a classic false correlation.
    Lots of people have tweaks and hacks.
    Lots of people are getting multiple updates.
    Thus the conclusion is that tweaks and hacks cause multiple updates.
    It's a logical fallacy. A->B A->C does not mean A->C.

    And it's easily disproven.
    There's at least one other person from just this page alone,
    besides myself who says this is happening with no tweaks or hacks installed.
    The timing of my update notice was completely random. It's been
    nearly two weeks since the last update, and I've installed nothing
    new in the last few days but got the same update notice today
    as others did.

    The more logical conclusion is that the update mechanism is simply broken
    and it's affecting a lot of people, randomly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post

    And it's easily disproven.
    There's at least one other person from just this page alone,
    besides myself who says this is happening with no tweaks or hacks installed.
    The timing of my update notice was completely random. It's been
    nearly two weeks since the last update, and I've installed nothing
    new in the last few days but got the same update notice today
    as others did.
    Also, I have tweaks installed and I have not seen the 1.2.1 update since I completly reinstalled WebOS this weekend. I have 20-something patches / apps installed.
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    OK, this is now my third time. REALLY getting old. Has there been any authoritative acknowledgment of this problem? This thread is now 8 pages long and has hung out near the top for 10 straight days..... yet all I see is a hack to turn off updating altogether, and scores of average users (myself included) unscientifically theorizing about what combination of patches and/or HB apps might be causing this. And now several people reporting the problem with no patches at all. I guess I'll try the hack. I have 25-30 patches and I refuse to go through this again, especially with no indication that I won't have to do it all over again tomorrow. Very disappointing.
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    I got my third "update" to 1.2.1 today. I had two in quick succession just after that version came out, none for a little while, and now again today. It makes me slightly paranoid, in that earlier today was the first time I used MyThether since the earlier updates. I feel very lucky in that I was able to use the Emergency Patch Recovery tool via Preware to take off all the tweaks and patches I had put on after the 2nd update. I hope the third time is the proverbial charm.
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    I experienced the same issue as you guys have. I ended up removing everything, ran webdoctor , reinstalled 1.2.1, and all patches. Have not received any update notice for 24 hrs now. There must be some old file/patches that caused the pre to keep sending update. Its a pain in the **** to reinstalled everything but it seemed to do the trick. I've also noticed my pre more responsive as well. Sometimes its good to clear up the closet of junk!.
    good luck guys.
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    man atleast your phone can see the update, mine just sits there searching forever.
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    mine did it twice right around when the update came out, but not since then. i do have some tweaks and homebrew apps on there...
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    I just tweaked and patched mine this week, but I have already had two threats before this morning (not including the original 1.2.1 install). My Pre actually downloaded the update while I was asleep and I almost hit the Install Now button when I woke up, without checking it out. Don't remember all I have installed, but I hadn't done anything to it since before Monday.

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    Hey Fellas,
    I never had the problem with the install showing up multiple times (I'm tweaked and patched), but I just read the article on the home page and realized my Pre hasnt backed up in two weeks.

    Can I fix this? What do I do?

    There is no spoon
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    I had to use the webos doctor to restore my fiance's Pre to factory specs to get it to fully update to 1.21 without issues. Since then I have restored all the patches and Homebrew apps and she has not had any issues.
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    i had this issue too..i had to doctor my pre and re-do my tweaks..but this time did not add virtual keyboard and i am not having any issue so far..3 days and i think is the virtual keyboard...and by the way it looks like i did not remove all my tweaks before the original update..that's due to using different versions of webosquickinstall.
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