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    10 bucks for fully a functional golf app that utilizes GPS and Google Maps to the point that I can accurately score my round and remember my exact shots.
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    [QUOTE=mandystreasures;1968378]I want to be able to listen to my audible books -- finally just cancelled my subscription with them until I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkoCommie View Post
    A full-blown Skype-over-3G client.
    i agree i want a full function skype app miss that on the iphone
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    i would pay like 30 bucks for a video camera app that records sound and has preview
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    a bank account balancer! please!

    it's the only one i really want right now.
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    Really, I understand it's an entirely different animal, but I'd pay $10 (and more) for an app that's as rich in user experience as a $1.99 iPhone app. Anyone who has played with an app on the iPhone would have to agree. I love my Palm Pre, but hope that the maturity of the platform will bring us some nice things that are on par with the iPhone's.
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    Myself and others have requested a ipk package that boosts the Bluetooth volume from the Pre to our headsets. Those of us in louder environments have noticed that the same headset used on previous phones is lower in volume when paired to the Pre. We need that volume back and I would gladly pay to have it.

    Member qqq (post 5) in the thread linked below has a command line to do the trick, but it must be repeated after every reboot. It's a good start though and I hope someone might find it simple to make this into an ipk that could then be easily installed via WOSQI.
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    an app that sings whatever I type in are Kelly's voice
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    Quote Originally Posted by blkgapmodel View Post
    Please tell me you are joking...
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