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    Quote Originally Posted by mjirsch View Post
    Hi all,

    here's my data - can't wait to see your analysis.
    The battery drains about 10% with almost no use.
    In airplane mode it drains ~0.3 - 0.5% per h and I made an interesting experience last friday: I was in an area with almost no coverage (had 0-2 bars amlost all the day) and the phone was working at about 4% drain for more than 20h. Back in the office today I made the screenshot attached, so lifetime definitely depends on where you are.
    I don't think this is a data problem. It smells entirely like a poor coverage
    problem because the graph shows a constant high drain. I know you say
    you've got plenty of bars, but I've seen similar symptoms in the following
    scenario. I was up in the mountains. The phone could easily hear a tower a
    long distance away, but the tower could not hear the phone, so the phone
    cranks up its power and keeps trying constantly. It showed 4-5
    bars all the time but sucked the battery dry in 2-3 hours. When I force it
    to roam-only it finds a closer tower and the battery usage drops to normal
    and I can last all day. I've seen similar symptoms inside an office building
    with metallic tinted windows. If the roam-only hack can be made to
    work on an O2 phone, try it. Obviously not a great long-term solution if
    you have to deal with roaming charges, but at least it'll tell you if
    that's the problem.

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    One thing this study will show us is a good range of usage types. The reason I boil down an individuals battery reporting is to get to the heart of the drain rates. Often times people expect their device to last through the day not realizing how much impact each thing they use it for has on how long it lasts before needing charging. So even a generalized thing like should last 16 hours isn't a very good cover all. In my studies so far from all I have read about different people use and how long their battery lasts etc the average idle drain rate is 5% give or take 2% so chances are a significant while probably not more than 50% of pre owners (this is only a guesstimate) won't quite see 16 hours if they don't use it at all unless they have little or no data connection activity from background things like synergy stuff or use it very little. My brother falls in that example and he drains about about 3% idle. Until the data from this study is organized or whatever the term is organized may not be the word I'm looking for I can't really comment on the possible results. Even after boiling down usage there are variables that can effect how fast the battery drains. So I try to analyze other factors before recommending anyone to replace the device or battery.
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