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    I know that it was already reported earlier, but I got an email with a link to this interesting story:

    Technology News: Handheld Devices: Adobe Flash to Shine on All Smartphones - Except One

    It points out that Adobe Flash 10 will not be targeting the iPhone. While it does say that perhaps Adobe and Apple have a seperate agreement, it's interesting that Apple wasn't included in today's announcement.
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    You certainly did.

    Cant wait for this personally! I will be going around viewing native flash webpages in front of my iPhone-toting buddies!
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    I can't wait for flash for the pre. It's going to be awesome! We are just seeing more now of how the iPhone is starting to fall behind in the smart phone market, especially because of the palm pre, and now because it doesn't have multitasking or flash coming for it.

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