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    I'm very sure this is hardware related, but I want to check with you folks before I go bothering Sprint to see if anyone else has had this issue. About a week ago, the camera application started freezing up. You could tell it had frozen because the live view would freeze. Sometimes, the live view would start refreshing properly again, usually with a division down the middle with the right side of the frame on the left and vice-versa (like an old TV with a horizontal scan issue). A couple days after that, the camera app stopped working entirely (once requiring removal of battery to reboot the phone). I thought it had something to do with patches I'd installed via preware, because the problem cropped up during that same time. I've since determined that was probably not the case.

    What I can do now to get it to work is to physically squeeze the phone (I put my thumb on the screen and push down with some force, not a whole lot). When squeezed, the camera operates properly. As soon as I remove pressure from the screen with my thumb, the camera app freezes. It will unfreeze again when I squeeze the phone again.

    Weird, huh? Anyway, I'll probably end up taking it back. I'm well outside my 30 days, but did go ahead and get the product protection, and I'm sure my manufacturer's warranty hasn't expired yet. Anyone have experience with Sprint and accepting broken phones? Are they just gonna swap me out for a new one? Should I WebOSDoctor the thing before taking it back?
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    dude, I was going to report this same fix for peoples camera that takes forever to load. However once the camera boots after I squeeze, it does not freeze again. I would get the phone replaced if I were you.
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    Shipped her back to Palm before trying this "fix", hopefully they will replace it. I even put a letter explaining what was going on because at first glance Its easy to think I "abused" the phone. ( as Sprint Store tech put it ). Either way, squeezing a phone to start the camera is a mess ! Before you know it we'll be standing on a roof with a coat hanger just to make a call ! Beautiful phone but if they really expect wide acceptance they for sure need to make the phone tougher.
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    I just swapped my phone out for a replacement at Sprint, and now my camera is freezing up. Will have to go back and replace it. Not fun.

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