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    Hi guys,

    I have a quick question about face detection with the Palm Pre and the problems I'm having with it. By face detection, I'm referring to the Pre shutting off the screen during a phone call so you don't accidentally tap a button with your face. I think this is a great feature, but it becomes somewhat of an annoyance when I'm trying to open applications while on speakerphone and the face detection kicks in making it difficult to work on your phone while on a phone call. In some cases I even had problems ending a phone call since it shut down the screen as I was trying to tap to end the call. Is there any good way to avoid this?

    Thanks for your feedback,
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    I've not had the problem - are you holding the phone so that your thumb is over the proximatey sensors?
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    It shouldn't do anything while in Speaker mode. I've used speaker mode and changed apps with no issue. I've even put it up against my face in speaker mode, it didn't blank the screen and I pressed all sorts of buttons.
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    No problem here either. I've oprned apps etc. and last week for the first time, in speaker phone mode, DL'd an email while on a call. Not a big deal, but it was cool to me.

    If the phone is not up to your face and it's blanking out, you may have a problem with the prox. sensors.
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    Where exactly is this proximity sensor(s) located? I have the same problem when I receive a call, answer it, then try to put it on speaker phone. The screen keeps blacking out, then coming back as I am trying to put it on speaker phone.

    I will add this only happens when I am trying to do it with one hand. I have my middle finger up by the power button (but not pushing it) and my thumb down in the lower left hand corner.
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    I will keep that in mind next time I use my phone and watch out where my thumb is. Maybe I haven't noticed and I was doing it the entire time! haha. I swear I've had this problem in speaker mode. This is something I will look out for also. Question, do you guys know what are of the screen the proximity sensors are?
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    ^ to the right of the earpiece. hold the phone at an angle in the sun and you will see 3 photocells.
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    Piaband, good point maybe it's when I'm working with one hand also. But even so, it seems to be a lot more sensitive than it should be.
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    There are times where my screen will go black as I try to touch the speaker phone button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cabbonizio View Post
    Piaband, good point maybe it's when I'm working with one hand also. But even so, it seems to be a lot more sensitive than it should be.
    Yeah, it's pretty sensitive if you wave your hand anywhere near the upper right corner of the phone. Some gestures (like swipes) may make it happen pretty easily. Once you realize that's where the sensors are located you should be able to avoid them
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    I remember having a helluva time trying to turn on Bluetooth during a call because the BT icon menu is just below the sensor. I tried to sneak up on the button from below but I just couldn't reach it before the sensor caught me. I ended up using Universal Search to launch the Bluetooth app.

    I realize now I could've turned on Speakerphone first.
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    I have never had any problems with the proximity sensor detecting my face or working as it should in speakerphone mode.

    This sounds like most of you still have the plastic screen protector that came with the Pre on your phones. The little plastic tab at the top interferes with the proximity sensor. You should either remove the plastic protector altogether, or cut off that little tab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyPreKindaSucks View Post
    There are times where my screen will go black as I try to touch the speaker phone button.
    LMFAO @ username
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    I am having the OPPOSITE problem. The sensor stopped working after the most recent update and during calls, I keep dialing with the onscreen buttons. It has ruined many calls this week. I can turn the phone all directions and the screen no longer dims. I have read through everything and can't figure out how to fix the bug. I tried the headset and mute/unmute no avail. HELP!
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    I noticed I am having the same problem MCBBurton. The sensors are not working. Frustrating! HELP!!!

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