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    So, last night I was in a place where I was unable to charge my pre. I finally got to my car and plugged it in, but nothing. I am now home and plugged it in again, but still nothing! It has been plugged in to the charger for over 30 mins now and even if i press the power button, i get nothing. what am I doing wrong? or is my pre dead?!
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    Wall outlet? or through the computer?
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Put the battery in it.
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    I know of TWO others that did this this past weekend. Both completely seperate unrelated parties. Both came back to life after som time (like overnight). Another issue is in there, but its going to be tough to figure it out. Mine did this a while back near launch while I was trying to use it to check in for a flight. It say the least. Fun toy yes, Business ready...well...
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    I was trying to charge through both a car charger and then through the outlet when I got home. I took it to sprint and after an hour of waiting for the service tech to figure out the problem, they just gave me a new one. That's great and all.. but now, even after linking my palm profile, my contacts are missing! not good.

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