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    Check out the Pre Look-A-Like in these pics.
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    Except for the way it looks completely different. Pre's still WAY better looking!!
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    ? Looks like the Pre like my HHR looks like a porche...
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    An important detail is that the screen is a touch screen (though since it's a Samsung, and a feature phone, it will most likely be resistive.) So yes, it is a portrait qwerty slider with a touchscreen, much like the Pre - but the similarities end there! :-D
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    Haha! ok...
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    similar i suppose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    ? Looks like the Pre like my HHR looks like a porche...
    But an HHR DOES sort of resemble a Porch...

    OH! You meant Porsche. I see what you did there.
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    actually i agree with the original post. i saw that and was like "hey its a rip off pre from china!..o wait..its by samsung..
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    Didn't Samsung use this form-factor a few years ago with some WinMo phone?
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    lol that phone looks horrible!!!
    palm pre rawks!!!

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