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    I was curious what is the 'correct / official / proper' way to delete an app downloaded from the Palm app catalog? I have a couple of applications that I downloaded that I'm no longer interested in, however, everytime I run the palm update program it keeps showing these applications to me with an available update.

    Once on the update app, I slide each app to the right and select the delete button that is displayed. However, the next time I run update it shows them as being available again.

    I've deleted the app in all the 'appropriate' ways:
    1) Orange button and select the icon.
    2) Open the launcher and select the 'List Apps' from the menu, swiped the app to the right and selected Delete.
    3) Gone to device info, selected more info, select software and do the same swipe as #2.
    4) Deleted apps via the Quick Install desktop utility.

    The updates even show up after doing a webosdoctor (which I've done twice in the last week for other reasons). How do we update the app catalog to say we don't want any updates to an app anymore?

    Specifically, I'm talking about Word Ace and Mileage Monitor.
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    I have the same issue with a few apps, its very annoying.

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