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    After months of waiting and lurking, finally bought my Pre the day before the Austin City Limits music fest. No time to Home brew before the fest but did manage to get contacts synced, emails setup, download a couple apps and upgrade the OS.

    The phone was a invaluable tool during the whole fest. A multitasking monster! Between acts and even during, I was texting friends with info & real time reviews (Ex: "Get to AMD stage asap, Ghostland killin), constantly reviewing the festival PDF schedule, listening to Mp3s of performing acts, taking pics and uploading to facebook, and keeping up with fest tweets using Tweed.

    Found a great shaded area early on Friday.. I was able to text coordinates to a couple of late-arriving Iphone friends using SEND MY LOCATION app. Popped right up in google maps on their Iphone, within 10 yards accuracy. Wouldve been nice to have a festival specific overlay..

    Its always been a challenge to keep up with fantasy football scores on ACL Sundays. Not only was I able to see close-to-real time scoring, but I was able to view football games using the direct TV app (superfan subscription). The confluence of so many people in one area (75K estimated) always makes cell use difficult but Sprint held up very well. My texts were flying in and out immediately and I was able to make and receive calls as needed. Finally gave up on watching the games though - just too much cell traffic for a good video streaming experience.

    How a smartphone handles events like ACL has always been a measuring stick for me. Alot of phones can perform similar tasks but using them in such a dynamic environment is not fun. More often than not, they end up being a distraction and not worth the effort. Next to Pearl Jams finale, the Pre's performance was the big star this year. It was an effortless tool that added to the overall festival experience.

    Kudos to Sprint also. My Iphone friends had a terrible time with their signals.

    PS .. I gave it an A-minus due to battery life. Granted, I pushed it hard but I only got 6 hours of use the first day of the fest. Had to turn it off a couple times to save battery. For the rest of the fest, I switched to manual checking of my 2 gmail accounts instead of push. Made it through the whole 11 hours each day. Extended battery will be a must-buy.
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    Things went good on my Pre too at ACL. Never had signal or send issues. My friends' iphones worked well, but had some send/receive annoyances, nothing major or important.
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    How did they hold up in the rain? The mud isn't even drying up yet due to the continuing rain. Did your Pre's get wet at all? No problems?
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    Held up nice.. had the phone in a ziplock bag on rainy Saturday. The slider became a little stiff after day 3. I suspect mud/dirt on fingers. Hard to keep things clean..Slider works fine now.. Got my extended battery and my earlybird tix to ACL 2010 ! Cant wait (though I hope Im rockin' a PRE 2 by then)
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    That's pretty much how I feel about the Pre, having used it during a very stressful house hunting stretch over the summer. The Pre is lacking some features that would be nice to have, has some performance issues, and of course the battery life could be better.

    But, in actual use, that is, not comparing spec sheets, app store inventories, and SDKs, but rather _using_ the Pre, it's actually a pleasure. The multitasking, card system, notifications system, and Synergy really are all very powerful features that set the Pre apart from every other smartphone out there. If Palm can make it through this rough spot of both trying to move enough units to survive and at the same time continue to improve WebOS, the Pre and its siblings will be a very compelling and competitive device indeed.
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