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    my phone kept goin into airplane mode so i restarted it now it wont let me log into it
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    i just did a webdoctor reset and i cant log into my palm account either. I am so god dam ****ed. the phone is useless right now
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    palm palm palm

    i bet someones gonna say "its not a palm issue"
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    If you Webos Doctor'ed your phone, then Sprint's or Bell's EVDO connection is disabled. You need to call them and tell them you had to reset the phone and have no wireless web connection. They will tell you what to do.
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    I cannot sign in with my phone neither, after a soft reset.
    However I am able to login to my account from the website:

    Anyone can log in from website and still has problem sign in with the phone?
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    i had the same problem. i talked to palm via webchat and they told me to hold the button to turn off the phone then turn the ringer switch on and off three times and than hit the "turn off phone" button and let it restart and it worked. hope this helps

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