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    I just slid open my pre to discover this: (can't post links, you'll have to c/p).

    Was fine before opening, and then after opening it won't go back

    Touch screen seems to still work okay, do you think it's just a loose connector? Do you think Sprint/Palm will replace it for me?
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    No and it looks like either a connector or a graphics failure. I'd guess it is something covered under warranty.

    I do seem to be noticing something recently on my Pre (since 1.2, but not sure it is because of). I would describe it as seeing the scan lines on an old, slow refresh interleaved display. For instance, when I am looking at my background it is like I can see the screen refreshing every other line sometimes. I did not used to see this, just a completely stable background image filling the screen solidly. Admittedly, I am very attuned to noticing things like this, I can almost watch a 60Hz refresh paint the screen and PWM taillights drive me nuts at frequencies that most cannot detect.
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    follow up: chat says it is a known issue and will get it replaced when I have a chance this weekend.

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