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    I bought my pre on launch day. Since a couple of weeks ago I started having intermittent problems with the touch screen, but it is getting worse and more frequent.

    1. It sometimes selects points on the screen at random, it looks like throwing pebbles into a lake with the round thing that you see when you tap the screen. It opens programs, dials numbers etc,. I first noticed this when I was using the music player remix and the song stopped. I figured out that it tapped the stop button by it self.

    2. Sometimes only one side of the screen works. Sometimes the right side, sometimes the left.

    3. In the Browser, it sometimes does not respond and when it does it does not do what I expect to happen when I tap or try to scroll or enlarge.

    4. Sometimes turning the screen off with the power button and turning it back on will make it work normal temporarily.

    I tried resetting, removing battery to no avail. Also webos doctor. Any one else had this problem and what was the solution. Was it hardware or software?
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    Sounds like a hardware issue. Hope you did the insurance plan on the phone.
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    This guy seems to have had the same problem seems like a Refurb was his only option.
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    I had similar issues, turned out to be a crack hiding in the gesture area... it didnt hide for very long though. Within a few days, my screen was bisected.

    Ive also found that if the phone is extremely hot, this happens. Or if any amount of dampness is found on the screen surface. I get this kind of behavior a lot if I leave my phone in my shirt pocket when working on my bike in the heat. I sweat, screen gets a tad damp, phone goes bat-****-crazy

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