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    Hey guys,

    ok this might be a dumb question, and i'm sorry. but how do i know if my gps is on or off? after 1.2 it doesn't really show in location services. but when i go to pref it does have the option of turning on google services and gps. well actually it lets you put a check next to it. if there is a check next to it does it mean the gps is on, so is it wasting battery? and which service (gps, or google) wastes less, or does it make any difference? and does auto locate waste battery?! i am really just kind of confused about the gps situation, so any kind of explanation would be great, thanks!
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    A check next to GPS means it is on. I imagine GPS being on will drain you battery faster than if it's off. Location services probably drains less than GPS. I keep both off and just turn them on manually when needed.
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    The option to turn GPS on or off is no longer available after 1.2 patch. I'm guessing it'll always be on.

    Edit: nevermind, I just found out the option to turn it on/off is now located under preferences.

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