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    Quote Originally Posted by sprint_fan View Post
    Battery left from pandora? Wow. My iPod touch goes dead after playing pandora for about thirty minutes! And thanks about the info about the infrastructure, but hopefully it will be as good as the pre. Or I might be getting the pre
    your ipod touch must have a problem, mine plays way longer than that, 2gen
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    its because u dont have all the things u had on it before the update that drained the battery life really fast
    I have everything I always have had, and then some. 1.2 had a significant impact on my battery life, in positive, and I've already posted proof as such in other threads.
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    Whoops. I forgot to mention that I have had my Pre running WIFI... Not the EVDO or whatever. That make a huge difference?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamfrontosa View Post
    After 1.2 I actually thought my battery life has been worse, after 1.2.1 I noticed the positive change.
    same here! Went for a ride up the local mountain roads today, and played my music to the top, and none on the way down was around 80% at the top (1.2 hrs with music going thru earbuds). Charged, (I keep a jump box in my tailbag) and rode to the bottom. Was at 95% when I hit bottom.

    There is little/no reception during this ride, and the last 2 dozen times Ive done it, the phone barely survived, 15-25% left after I came back down. Much of this because I go from EV, to roaming, to on-network, no data, etc. This goes on and on until I hit the top, where there is NO signal at all.

    So, so far... liking the new updates. If only the launcher was a bit more fluid with 4x4 icons tho kinda choppy now, but it works far better (dont have to wait for it to respond to flick to another page)
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    I'm at 60% and my phone spent most of the day in my pocket set to airplane mode. I did have a 30 minute phone convo this evening, though, but aside from that, not much use. Seems to be worse battery since 1.2 update :\
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    correct me if i am wrong. but theoretically when the screen is off then the wifi shuts off. so...when running in evdo off mode with wifi on, would you NOT recieve pushed email since there is no internet connection to retrieve it? so although evdo off is a great battery saver mode, it doesnt deliver email reliabliy. correct?
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    Geez, maybe my Pre hasn't gotten the memo on better battery life yet. Maybe it'll believe me if I say it's supposed to be better now.
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    Yes, wifi is off when phone sleeps. Not necessarily when screen is off.

    No, you would not receive email notify when this is the case.

    JKTex: your pre didnt attach the new cover sheet on its TPS report. Improved battery life is pending the corrective action.
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    So after a day at work in the concrete building, my battery only lost 30% instead of 55ish%. This makes me very happy.
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    After a short phonecall this morning and no other usage, from being unplugged at 8:05 AM (it's now 11:23 AM), my phone has dropped only 2% battery.

    Pretty awesome. Amazing what a little software change can do to alleviate battery issues.
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    My battery life still sucks. I lose over 30% an hour when streaming MP3 audio.
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