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    has anyone else noticed that the black levels seems to be wrong while watching a movie?

    what's interesting, is that if you put the video into card view, the paused screenshot that it takes has the correct black levels. if you then bring the card back into view, the correct black levels are clearly apparent on the paused screenshot, but as soon as you press play, you get the wrong black levels again.

    I took some pictures with my camera (when taking a screenshot, again, it corrects the black levels)

    notice how it's supposed to be a black background, but compared to the black bars generated by the palm pre it's not black at all. (the video file is widescreen, and contains no black bars)

    after putting it into card view and bringing it back, the paused video now has a proper black level.

    in this example you can see that there is little effect on the white levels, however, and there is an overall increase in contrast and picture quality. there is, however, a small amount of detail lost in the shadows that looks much worse on the pictures here than it does in real life.

    go ahead and try this out. it does the same for me with both video files, and streaming video on the web.

    so... am I just being too picky, or does this bother anyone else?
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    I confirmed this in a Youtube clip. Too much brightness which goes away when the video is paused, but comes back when you start resume play. Strange, to say the least.

    I never noticed this previously and just attributed it to the generally low quality of Youtube videos and phone-sized LCD screens (when it comes to black levels). I wouldn't mind seeing this fixed, but it's not a big deal to me.
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    Interesting. This might be something you want to report on Palm's Support Forums. The mods there can register it into Palm's trouble-tracking system.
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    Really? You're watching video on a phone...

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