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    I had installed the 1.2 update and worked absolutley fine. i had read that prior to installing and OS updates i should remove any patches. i only had the virtual keyboard availible on preware. i couldnt access preware on my phone to remove it though, so i just went through the usb drive on my computer thinking i could just delete the keyboard patch. i did this then proceeded to install 1.2 with no problems at all. then i came across the 1.2.1 update so i installed it and when i went to go text a friend the phone bugged and key typing one letter by itself and doing other stupid things, so i had to restart it twice for it to stop
    then i came come 20 mins later and responded to a text only for the keyboard not to type. a restart later everything was fine. the problem i have now is i have an ongoing text conversation with a friend that doesnt show up in my conversations page. but when i text her the past conversation from the past 3 weeks comes up. on top of that my buddy list isnt loading. anyone have any ideas? if not how do i go back to 1.2?
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    the problem with messaging is not 1.2.1 related. I've posted the solution to your problem here:
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    good job

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