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    I just upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2 and 1.2.1.
    Something funny happened to the display of my calendar events.
    Previously in Day View Mode, all day events showed up as single entries in the day header region. This was great! That's where I'd want a holiday or birthday or other "untimed" event to appear.

    Now, in 1.2.1 *most* of the birthdays in my calendar show up as colored blocks that start at midnight and go until 11.59p. This is not what I want.

    NOTE: some haven't changed.

    Is there a patch -- or simpler method -- to be able to set my preference for this to be showing all day &/or untimed in the day header?

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    install webos quickinstall and patch it the way u like it. under tool in webos quick install.
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    Do those same events appear this way when you look at them from your desktop?
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