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    Hey all being new to Sprint and Palm I was wondering if there was a way to update roaming via a * dial code? I was always having to do this with Big Red using the *228 function in order to get the best signal possible. I'm not to familiar with the NOW network symbols but my phone will jump from Ev (white in color) which I believe to be a 3g connection to Ev grayed out which I believe is data and phone but not 3g and R which I believe stands for roaming but I easily could be wrong. I was wondering if I have to update my roaming signal to capture the best consistent signal strength? Based on their coverage map I should easily be in the 3g strong signal strength area. Please correct me if I'm wrong about the symbols (I don't like being ignorant!). I must say though when I have Ev colored in my data speed is sickly fast! Thanks in advance,
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    yes ur in the nations fastest 3g network welcome. so to help u if u have a pre u need to press the telephone button it should bring up the dial pad then in the left upper corner u press on the sprint iconwhat pops open a window u choice PREFERENCES u can change a lot of things after that i in ur case would make sure data romaning is activated it is normally by the pre of off. so to update ur roaming and data u go to UPDATE NETWORK SETTINGS AND UPDATE PRL first on will update ur network settings and the 2nd will update ur roaming. and dont forget to set ur data roaming on otherwise u dont have data in roaming and if u wonder u roam through is all tel and verizon u will have somewaht slower data but not bad. its just slightly slower and EV is high speed 1x is slow and R is romaming but EV R is romaning in high speed and 1X is romaming in slow speed ur phone only shows R because ur data romaming is turned on. i hope i could help u?
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    i ment 1X R my bet

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