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    does anyone know how to forward a text message or sms messages on the pre? I tried and i cant figure it out. help please! and if their is no way, why the hell haven't they done a update for that!
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    As of now, I don't think you can do this yet. There may be a user created patch that fixes this though. For now, I think the closest you can get to forwarding is copying the message and pasting it into a new message that you would send to whomever you want.

    For now, I think Palm is trying to fix the little nagging issues that effect the usability and stability of the Pre. Text forwarding is a nice thing to have, but for many people, not a necessity. Please be patient, a future update will likely add this and other features.
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    Palm doesn't allow this function yet, but it can be very easily achieved with a WebOS Quick Install tweek found here:
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    after you do install the tweak. in order to forward you'll generally have to just tap or double tap the text that you need to forward..
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    thanks everyone I knew i could count on the forums for help

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