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    Anyone know if Palm will add customization to the Pre in the future (themes for starters?) I realize I can do this already if I "hack" my phone but I have no interest in doing so as it causes nothing but problems. I've been down that road before with the iPhone and am not venturing down it with the Pre.

    I'm sticking to offical updates only with this thing.


    P.S. Was I also suppose to "research this" as well before I purchased my Pre?
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    I don't think you understand that the Pre is open source and takes to customization very well, unlike an iphone. I "hacked" many tweaks onto my Pre and have had no problems whatsoever..If you know basic Linux or know how to click buttons in WebOs Quick Install/Preware, tweaking is a cinch.
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    Alot of Phone companies right now really dont care about customization, in terms of looks and themes. Mostly because it cost them to hire teams of people to design such themes and such.

    Honestly I would give the "hacking" a try it seems pretty easy, and with themes it appears that there is very little in the way of tweaking code and what not.
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    Iphone is a joke to customize. Get Quick Install & Preload, you can swap themes in a matter of seconds.

    And yes you should reseach that palm is open and apple is a control freak.

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