I haven't seen anyone else have this problem, and a search didn't pull anything up for me, so I was wondering if I am the only one...

I have had my Pre for about 3 months and it has been an absolute perfect phone, until recently. I think I have a loose ringer switch because whenever I have the switch set to Vibrate, if I press the power button (to turn the phone on or off), the phone gives a quick vibrate and displays the mute "speaker with a line thru it" icon. It only slightly annoying and I wouldn't mind too much, but this kinda prevent the phone from sleeping right away because when I turn the power off, it turns it back on and tells me that the phone is on vibrate and doesn't go to sleep again until the phone times out

I also have the issue that if i just press the ringer switch (not move it, just press it down), i see the icons that show the volume is on full for a split second then the mute icon shows up... this happens if the phone is on or off!

I will be going into a repair store today or tomorrow, but wanted to know (1) if anyone else has had this problem, (2) was a sprint store able to fix it, and (3) if you had to get a refurb, did you have to pay the deductable?

If anyone wants to see a video of whats going on, let me know and I can make/post one