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    Okay let me first start by apologizing if this thread is already out there somewhere. I couldnt find the answeers i need so i thought i would start my own thread and see if i can solve my problem.

    Now time to get to business.

    Ive had my Pre since its release on June 6th. Actually im on my second one now because the power button on the top started to stick and became useless. But thats beside the poing. Ive had a Pre since they came out and i love it. Then i started surfing the web for fun stuff that people have found on the Pre. I came across the whole ROOTING thing and was very interested in learning how to do it. Im not the smartest when it comes to writing command lines and im not familiar with Lennox at all! I read up on it a lot and eventually tried it. When i did i couldnt be sure if i did it correctly because im not familiar with some of the terms. So i started researching more and doing my homework on the subject. I got frustrated and accepted the fact that im never going to be the computer hacking kind of guy and just gave up on Rooting my Pre. Then i started seeing all these awesome tweaks and different things you can customize with a rooted Pre. This made me want to get back to trying but i really dont feel like going through the same frustrating and useless path ive been on before.

    I know a lot of you wont want to waste your time on this one but surely there is somewhere out there in the great PreCentral world who would take the time to help a fellow Pre user out. I just need real specific and "Pre-cise" instructions (no pun intended...okay maybe just a little).

    If there is anyone out there who would be willing to help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it!!!

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    Just to clarify there is no such thing as "rooting" a Pre because the SDK gives you direct access to the Pre automatically. Having said that, why do you want to access the linux command anyway? Almost everything you need to do in regrads to installing homebrew, patching, theming etc can now be done via webos quick install and Preware. If you are a newbie and want to modify your Pre, just follow the instructions and threads in the WOQI and Preware threads. You don't need to "root" or gain access to linux at all...
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