Anyone felt this way??? I have always been a WinMo guy till i got me a Pre like two months ago or so, I loved everything it did from email, web browsing, sms, cards etc. and i LOVED how smooth it was and how enjoyable it was to use this phone.

Now what made me mad or worried when it came to the device and the platform in general.

-The CPU. Im so confused by this, the Pre has a CPU almost identical to the iPhone3GS but since the OS and SDK is basically running on javascript, HTML, and other web based languages, there is no OpenGL support or a way to communicate with the powerhouse GPU we have (and im not saying this because of gaming but since the CPU is doing all the work, the animations and smoothness of the overall usage gets choppy at times as well as taking a toll on battery and heat) But whats the point of having such a processor if we cant use it to its maximum potential?

-Web Downloading and file saving on Browser and email attachments. I got mad at myself when i saw that 1.2 enabled this. But how is it?? Can you save any type of file?? Like can you download ringtones or even a file that is not supported in the device?? Or are there still limitations?

Which brings me to my next point, a native file manager.... web downloading abilities and mass usb storage but no way to universally manage your files without a PC?? (i saw internalz in homebrew and am looking it up, but why didnt Palm implement this??)

-Copy-Paste. fixed in 1.2 (this is why i regret selling it lol)

-The SDK. Im worried about this the most ATM, how much of a limitation is it to make only javascript and web based apps with no hardware access vs. native app support???

Now, im not at all impressed with the specs of the hero since i have a bad taste from qualcomm coming from winmo, so i want to get me another Pre even though it still doesnt have all the features a winmo device has, it blows winmo out of the water on what it does have.

can anyone please give me clarity on these worries im having?? Like a bottom line on what to expect from each issue so i can jump on the Pre wagon again??