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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtswerg View Post
    Add me to the fans of 'Remix and A2DP combos! I keep a BT dongle on my belt and control the Pre in my car via it (and plug in headphones when walking out and about). Works great.

    Yes, I'd love an equalizer and would love to have Napster2Go back, but I'm alright for the moment with the combo of Remix, BT, and, oh yeah, drPodder!
    +1 for Dr app for the Pre hands down...and Jamie, is on the ball when you submit a possible bug, or even a request.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    I'll admit the player is limited, but it basically does what it's supposed to do: play MP3s. It'll come around eventually, but for now, as long as it plays my music, I'll live with it. There are more important features that this phone needs.
    i agree
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    NaNplayer is in development. Since we have to wait for app catalog release, I am including a lot of features that go far beyond the feature set in either the stock app or the remix mod. Some of those features were originally planned for future updates, but since we have more time, I am adding them to the initial release version. We are currently beta testing some of those new features.

    I am not announcing all the features at the moment, but I can tell you that we are testing a very cool dynamic playlist feature in addition to the standard playlists that I demoed in the preview videos.

    There are also lots of cool interface features that provide great usability along with a lot of eye candy "wow" factor.
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