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    Any reason why this button is not able to bring the phone out of sleep mode? It seems the button is not being used to it's full potential and it would make much more sense to use that to bring the phone out of sleep, then have to go up and deal with the power button.

    Just a thought...
    SPRINT...the carrier I never thought I'd switch to (and didn't lol)!
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    Although possible, wouldn't it bring your phone out of sleep mode way too often while in your pocket, on your passenger seat, or anywhere face down? (not saying your pre should EVER be face down.. Lol.)

    It does bring your phone out of "sleep mode" if you get a notification of any kind while it is already in this "sleep mode"..
    I may be wrong about that, but I know it works for me.
    It might even do it anytime you let it go into sleep mode off the timer and not from tapping the power button...
    I'm not positive.
    Then again I *DO* have the LED Notification tweak.

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