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    i just bought a few domains and am thinking of putting for starters an app that you register to the site with a "remember me for x <time>". it'll be something like a text data store. you enter a quick text and a pre app will poll your message to the phone so you can copy and paste it for whatever use on your phone. you could select the option to have other friends or whatever poll your posts as well. i for one find myself browsing on my laptop and come across a youtube link i want to then send to someone else's phone without reading<->typing all that stuff in. and just recently i had the problem of having to read<->type a long hex code into my wireless setup on my phone. i know a browser context menu extension can be done as well so you wouldn't necessarily have to leave a webpage if you wanna just highlight->post. hell, if the phone synced your contacts to the online database, you could easily select a contact from a dropdown and do the same action through a web interface (anyone know of a sprint sms sdk?).

    the main reason for my message is, do you fellow pre users have any ideas for tools you'd might like to help create for showcasing on the site and is the application i described above possibly something you'd utilize? i think a small team of app developer volunteers could help make it so their authoring of

    i know there are other sites out there (including this one) with the same purpose of cataloging apps, but i needed this domain mainly to house the user-specific data.

    i imagine the data could be available via RSS so i might not even need to reinvent the wheel by making the phone app if you use an RSS reader.

    again, this would probably be more specific to apps that utilized an online data sync with the site as the
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    Sounds like you want to create Evernote.
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    if adding a note is simple, i may look into just using that
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    what's your familiarity with it? i'm not seeing where you can publicly or privately pull in an rss feed.

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