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    Hey there tweakers, I was wondering if there was a way to get back the old Preview notification system back. I really hate the icons only, tap to see what it is. I included a youtube link of what I'm talking about, its around 30 seconds into the video that I'm talking about. Palm screwed up with the way its doing it now, I like to get a glimpse of it and if its important, I'll act, if not, I'll wait and get to it later. Now I have to act each time something comes in just to see if I have to get to it. Arrrrgggh! Hope ya amazing peeps can help out with this. Thanks in advance and enjoy the weekend!

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    maybe a tweak could do it but i like how it is right now

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    I hope a tweak can, I would love to apply it. Ah well, can just keep on watching the vid and dream.
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    Mine Previews then the vid.
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    Mine does for text but not the email, I want it on that, such a handy feature.
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    my texts get previewed, but my emails don't. To be honest I wish there was an option where you could take away the text preview (but still have the little cloud come up on the bottom) bc sometimes when you're having a text convo it gets a little annoying when it keeps popping up and you are browsing the internet. Also,I don't always want the previews to be there incase someone is looking at my phone and I get a tet. I don't want them to pretty much see what it says. Bit those are just my thoughts
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