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    plz don't flame me i'm new to these forums....ok say you don't have pc or laptop is there anyway you can dl apps from this site str8 to ur pre?
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    32 views not a single answer? 2 thumbs ^ to
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    Can you gain the help of a friends computer?
    All you need is to get to a computer once. Simplest to setup would be on an XP based. After about 10 mins you will have webos Q.I., Updated Java, Novacom, loaded on computer, usb to phone, upload Preware setup files and you should be all set and never have to use a computer again for the phone. Just delete the Webos quick install and associated other files off your friends computer when done. Problem is you need Preload, Preware or Filecoaster to load through WebOS Q.I. There may be another way and load some code but if you can just get 10 or 15 mins with a friend you should be all set. Sorry I can't answer you question directly.

    Good Luck and welcome to PreCentral
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    You can install apps from Precentral over-the-air through an application called Preware. However, you need to use WebOS Quick Install first to install Preware. That requires a PC.

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    32 views not a single answer? 2 thumbs ^ to
    Not helpful. Next time post in the Palm Pre forum, not the Palm General Chat. Also, this page can help.
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    thx you guys so much I'll get me a laptop 2morrow and again thx!!!

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