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    Ok, I've had my Pre for exactly 1 month now. I've used every Palm OS Treo since the Treo 600. I love My Pre, but I feel it's missing a few small features common of the Treos and PalmOS that made Palm the smartphone king for power users like me. Some have been mentioned a lot here in the forms, some not at all. Here's my idea of what the Pre is missing that made the Treo THE smartphone IMO.

    Gonna start with the obvious. SMS. Fowarding, a SIMPLE way to cut, copy and paste, being able to select individual chat dialog in your chat thread for detailed info. Timestamps on each SMS. Being able to select MULTIPLE pics to send with 1 SMS.

    Speaking of mulitples, being able to select multiple items to delete would be sweet as well. SMS, Pics and Vids, even multiple apps would be nice too!

    Bluetooth. It's good that it finally has vcard support with 1.2, but hell, shouldnt the Pre have shipped with that? I would think so. So how bout being able to bluetooth apps, pics, vids, and audio since there's no more IR capibility?

    Web. Not much i can comment on. the 1.2 update allows downloads via web, but why do i have to hold shift and select the pic? Why can't i just tap and hold on the image like before with Palm OS? Isn't that easier? Especially if your using one hand?

    Oh, one more note on SMS, Why can't we have the option to disable the return button acting as a "send" button while SMS? Am I the only one that has sent an incompleate text as a result of hitting return instead of back by accident?

    Themes. I love themes. Why can't the Pre support animated wall paper with the themes?

    Voice dialing. Palm, you still can't include that? Crappy *** prepaid flip phones have that? What's up Palm?

    Voice/Memo recorder? Where is it? Nuff said.

    Why the heck do i have to have the same alert for everything? I know that's been addressed, but i just wanted to touch on that again. Yea, there are apps for that, (sorry) but that should have been included.

    Phone. Palm, once again, you can't seem to be able to clear a finished call with call waiting. Yall know what I mean. You're on the phone, you get a call, you click over, and when you decide to end either call, you do, but it remains on the screen. the only way to clear it is to hang up on all. where's the option to hang up on either during the call? I guess they'll get it on the next generation of Palm.

    Memory. Why in the world, didnt they give us the ability to expand the memory? 32 and 64 gig cards are coming! (if not already avalible)

    Mic. I hate it on the left side of the phone. When i hold it on the left side of my face, i almost have to hold it horizontal for people to hear me properly.

    Answer options. I can't seem to see where i can stop auto-answer if I slide open the phone while its ringing. Shouldn't that be an on or off option?

    These are just things i thing would make a longtime treo user like me happy. These are just my opinions, and I think a lot of you will agree. Don't get me wrong, I love my Pre, but I wish i could add a little more of my Treos in it. I imagine that some of thoes things the're saving for a newer version of a future Pre, but I want it now. Don't even get me started on video recording. It's been proven that it can be done with a Pre, so I can only assume Palm was saving that for future models.

    I'm aware that there a lot of tweaks that make things like what's missing possible, but I'm talking bout out the box functionality. Who's with me? lol
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    I was going to go through the whole list and say what I agreed with and all, but I would be here for an hour. So all I'm gonna say is that I wish we had a real track ball instead of just a silver/white button. multi delete would be nice, voice dial too and some of the others. One thing I really miss from coming from the blackberry is that Vlingo (speech to text) program.
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    * Add TAB button and arrow keys to keyboard and add an onscreen keyboard so we're not forced to portrait just to type things like "k".
    * Let us sms in landscape.
    * Let us create, arrange and password protect folders.
    * Notification nag (Even my DOG has this feature)
    * Translucent scrollbars. (cool, huh?)
    * Too many others to mention right now, my wife wants me upstairs. GOTTA go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post wife wants me upstairs. GOTTA go.
    (whipping sound) lol
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    (whipping sound) lol
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    Just playin man! lol

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