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    My wife had been experiencing the ghost phone syndrome since she got her Pre. The gesture area would act like it was being touched when it wasn't.

    We finally got around to taking it to Sprint today. Being the genius I am I completely forgot to remove her hacks, including her theme.

    Anyway I tell them I had been experiencing the problem since day one and asked for a replacement phone. I came back 45 minutes later, the sprint repair tech hands me the phone and says: "I got rid of that South Park theme for you, that was causing your problems." To which I asked, "how can a theme installed 3 days ago cause a problem 2 months ago?" No comment. So I asked it a different way. "So what you are telling me is you are giving me a broken phone back? "No, I took off that South Park theme for you."

    Deciding this was going nowhere, I called a manager over and he apologized and gave us a refurb. Regretfully that one had some serious Oreo action, so he is ordering us a new Pre. So now we wait.

    Moral of the story, if you know you have a hardware issue...remember to remove your hacks first!
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    Should have taken it back as soon as you knew about that problem. But yeah, they will always blame it on some sort of customization you did before admitting there was a problem with the phone. So removing customizations before taking it to any sprint/ sprint authorized dealer is always a good thing

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