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    I did a partial erase of my phone last night in order to see if that corrected the problem of not being able to download new apps even tho i had 3GBs of memory left. Unfortunately i shouldn't have done this cuz every time i try to make a call/send a text etc. phone goes "phone offline"!!!!! not even "no service" with blank bars... bars have disappeared!! and frequently in and out! even after the 1.2.1 update around noon today and a palm support recommendation of performing a full erase i STILL have my service go "phone offline" mode once every 5/6 minutes!!! NOTHING has worked with palm or sprint support troubleshooting and i feel like sprint repair store (60 miles away!) would produce similar results! PLEASE HELP! I'm at work right now but will WebOS doctor work????? if not what can i do? everyone on this site has been a godsend with previous issues and i trust you all WAY before sprint and palm customer service representatives and so called "specialists" I love my pre and can't take this much longer!!!!
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