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    I've had my Pre for a few weeks now and love it. Its a really cool phone. As soon as I installed "Web OS Install" on my phone a couple of things stopped working- Text Messaging and Help option. I was able to get the text messaging working again thanks to a fix I found on this forum. My standard "help" option is still disabled. Does anyone know how help me get my "help" button working again.

    Also, I don't remember if I had "T9" for texting on my phone? Is there a fix or app for "T9"?

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    There's no T9 on the Pre that I've ever seen. As far as the help button, are you talking about the help program on the third page (by default) or the help menu option from within an app?
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    Thank you for replying back. I'm referring to the help option on the 3rd page and withing an app. The problem is it will not connect to the web through any other link but "WEB" or the email envelope. If I receive a web link in a text message, it's not able to open a web page.

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