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    I've noticed since applying 1.2 patch that I no longer have the hang up button to send an incomming call to VM.

    Is this by design?
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    Push down on the volume button.
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    If you click the red button it ignores the call and automatically sends to voicemail. You can also press the power twice.
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    well, are talking about the red button that looks like a phone hanging up? I no longer have that button after applying 1.2.

    Ely: yeah I know about that but it does not send the call directly to VM...just turns off the ringer
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    I think I noticed that too. But it is just as easy to either press the power button once to ignore the call, or twice to send the call to voicemail.
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    well I wouldn't say just as easy but its not a show stopper...was just nice to have the option right on the screen.
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    I did the update to 1.2.1 and just called myself...I still get both the red and green button while the call is ringing, and the red sends it to voicemail. Had you previously installed any dialer themes?

    *edit* nevermind... I see what you mean...if my phone is locked I only get the drag up to answer...if its not locked then I get the red and green. I hope they fix this.
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