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    This could just be me, but my gf has serious issues with her pre going into roaming. Where I live I never have a issue, but I was down town SLC at a cafe rio and both our pre's were on roaming. Strange.... So I went into the phone preferences and changed my voice network (and her's) to "Sprint Only". Either I'm smoking something... but it seems my Pre is getting better sprint service, I tried to forcing my pre to go into roaming again by placing it in the same spot where I was getting poor signal, the worst I got was half EVDO. Also I didn't get great reception in her apartment either but now it seems to be fine.

    Could just be a fluke, but would be interesting if anyone else has had similar issues and if this is a possible solution. It just seems like our (mostly her's) pre would very easily go into roaming even in areas where there was decent coverage by changing this maybe its forcing the Pre to stay on the network.
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    I roam all the time and have mentioned it in many posts. I can't figure it out. My network and prl settings are up to date. I really think its the phone because I never roamed with my htc diamond in these areas. Sad thing is I am always using pandora and sprint nav, luckily I have unlim data

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