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    two things after 1.2.1 that Im not sure about

    1) before if I put my finger on the main button and swiped left it would gesture back and go to the previous screen. now after 1.2.1 if I do that it just minimizes the whole card. I have to close the card and reopen it to get to the previous screen now


    2) how do I turn evdo off and just use wifi? I cant figure out where to turn evdo off at

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    I was having issues with Back Swipes not working too good. I then saw that Advanced Gestures was on. Once I turned it off, back swipe worked like I was used to.

    With it on, I would have to do the back gesture three or four times before it would work. I guess with it on, you have to do the gesture just right?
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    To turn evdo off you need to open the phone dailer then swipe down on the left drop down menu access perference and then turn off data.

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