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    Hey I'm thinking about sending in my phone to Palm for repairs. It's got a pretty bad oreo effect, and it clicks when I squeeze the top right corner, scuffs from the slider, light leakage all around the screen. It's also got these little white specks on the edge of where the screen is, which I assume is from heat problems.

    If I send it in, what can I expect to happen? Will I get a refurb? Or will they actually repair it? Is it still going to have a loose slider? How long will it take?

    Has anyone had repairs done here that can answer my questions?
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    I don't know about sending it in to Palm, but I just went to sprint last week to get a new one my power button stopped working, well then the new one the speaker started cracking noise so I tried to get it replaced and the one they tried to replace it with had the oreo effect really bad so I told them no and they tried another one and the same thing oreo like crazy! So i just stuck with the cracking in the speaker noise! Be careful what u ask for cus u might get something that has more problems! My first one I had since launch date and had no problems with it till the power button! Again make sure that it is worth it to you to not have it for awhile or take a chance the one u get my have the same oreo effect or something even worse!
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    I'm past the 30 days, and I would rather have it repaired than replaced.

    Even if I just get it replaced, Sprint may give me another crappy one whereas I'm hoping Palm would give me a good, solid Pre.
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    I had to send my Pre to Palm after having the phone for almost 90 days. The case had started to crack by the USB port and the speaker was starting to distort. They ended up replacing it with a refurbished phone. The replacement Pre ended up having two dead pixels and the keyboard had some issues...hard to explain, but the lower right corner seemed to be loose, or looked like it was unglued because it sunk in when I would press a key. I had to send it in to get a second replacement.

    The next Pre I got from them is also refurbished, and it has a bit of an oreo effect. It twists a bit clockwise, which the other Pres didn't do (they only twisted a slight bit counter-clockwise). It's very annoying, but I'm not sure if they'll replace it because of that slight twist. I might have to try again to get another replacement.

    Having these issues really sucks, but Palm CS has been good to me so far. I would say don't expect for them to repair'll get a refurbished phone. I would also suggest that you ask for an advanced exchange. You'll need a credit card and they'll put a hold of $400 on it. They'll send you a replacement within a couple of days, and they ship using FedEx overnight, and they'll even send a prepaid FedEx express envelope for you to ship your old Pre to them.
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    Ah shoot. So it's pretty much the same as going to the Sprint store and getting a refurb from there?

    Hard to believe Palm would send out a phone with the same problem it probably went in for...
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    Ah, durn it. Double post.
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    refurbs have been horrible letely, atleast for me. I just decided to keep mine after I saw what sprint was offering for refurbs.

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