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    I see them a lot here, at least 2 or 3 times a day lately
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    About once a week on the Red Line train here in Chicago.
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    seen several in chicago and kansas city
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    None in savannah, ga
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    Yes- I live in MS, work in TN-have not seen anyone else with the Pre- until last week. While at work I saw a guy texting on what looked like a slide out. Went and said, "Pardon me, is that a Pre?" Lo and behold it was. I don't know who was more excited, him or me- to have found a kindred. Not only was he an owner , but he was also somewhat of an "officianado" (by my standards at least). Had a nice long discussion about tweaks, homebrew apps, updates, servers,etc. I was in heaven. You could not wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewPreUserLol View Post
    I think I'm the only one in my middle school that has a pre
    you have a pre and your in middle school? wowzers
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewPreUserLol View Post
    I think I'm the only one in my middle school that has a pre
    Welcome to the new High Tech world. When you have a baby they mold the ear and fit them for a custom bluetooth headset. I have a relative that is young enough that he still pees in the bed but he has every app on his iPhone. WTH?
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    Everytime i go into a sprint store there is someone having a problem with theirs, if that counts :P

    BTW, i got my pre on my last day of middle school, so i guess i myself also owned a pre while in middle school :P
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    I've seen a few in the store.

    My brother-in-law has one because I do. My cousin who lives in Seattle has one too. Haven't seen any others.
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    i have three friends with a pre
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    I saw another Pre for the first time in Memphis on the day after the 1.2.0 update. The owner did not know about the update so she obviously is not a PreCentral reader.
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    The only other people I've seen using their Pre's are the 9 other people who were in line with me at Best Buy on launch day.
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    never seen anyone with one besides me....well..i saw this one guy with his in a sprint store *****ing about it not having a facebook he couldnt just go to the web page...he seem like an e-tard and like the type that didnt deserve a pre anyways..

    my younger brother says this girl we both know has one but i have yet to see it.
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    I've seen quite a few in Orlando. I know I'll see alot more when Verizon gets the pre, most of my friends won't leave Verizon for Sprint but they love my phone and can't wait to get it. I've tried to tell them that Sprint has changed alot, but they don't buy it.
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    I saw a guy in front of me in a movie theater with a pre. That was the one and only other person i seen with a pre besides me and my gf.
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    I see them quite a bit in NYC. I saw 5 in one day once and I know of at least 2 people in my classes that have one.
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    I saw 2 people, both on same job site.
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    i have seen pre's all around new york, but the funniest thing in my family its a str8 ipone pre War!!!! i have alot of cousin,,,,7 of them have an ipone and the other 5 has the pre, thats crazy!!!,,,,,lol
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    i have in total seen 4 people with the pre
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    I was surprised to find that a woman who works for me bought one, even though she and I had never discussed it. I'm fairly sure she'd seen me using mine. She pointed out another person who works in our same Division (though not within "my" group) that has one. Other than that, I've not seen any out in the field.

    During the wait for the release of the Pre, a gearhead friend of mine who used to own a Sony Clie (Sony version of the Palm with the Palm OS) back during my Palm days was looking to change cell providers and get a new smart phone. I tried hard to sell him on the Pre, but he is insistent on having an SD card slot, and ended up going with an Android G1 (which he's reasonably content with). If he hadn't been so wrapped up on the slot, I'd have someone else that I'd see regularly using a Pre!
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