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    Ok so I am not a big Itunes fan so I really dont care about this whole Itunes Debacle. Though, I am finally breaking down and wanting to use a Media Manager. All I have been doing is just copy files from my HD to my Pre. I really want something more manageable now since I have so many tracks, pictures, and videos now.

    I read here that Doubletwist is great, but also that Media Monkey works well. What are your experiences out there? Which is better or what is the best thing out there? By what I see Doubletwist is still in Beta??? But I also notice that Media Monkey only does Music files? Am I incorrect? Please someone help me understand differences?

    I would like something that I can manage Music/Pictures and Videos.

    Any help is appreciated! THANKS!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I got to use dT for all of 45 seconds on my Pre before it froze up. Many restarts, reinstalls and resyncs later I still can't get dT to recognize the Pre anymore. However there IS a new version coming out on Oct. 6th that may fix it. Let's hope anyway.
    Sorry I can't make any claims of Media Monkey, I had never heard of it before it being mentioned here, I will have to look at it. Though I really hope dT gets fixed because what time I did get to play with it I really enjoyed.
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    I have the same problem, Double Twist crashes when I plug in my Pre. Why?
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    I haven't tried DT, but I love Media Monkey. I only use it for music so I have no idea if it can do video.
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    MediaMonkey doesn't do video... yet. Works great though, love it for everything... but i havn't figured out how to do playlists. So i decided to go back to winamp. Grabbed the "ml_ipod support (non-pmp) ver.3.08" plugin. After i changed some settings in the ipod support plugin (don't use the native ipod directory system if you like album art) works like a champ... does playlists and smart playlists... oh yeah winamp should do video, but it doesn't convert it, so i havn't been able to test that yet

    ok... so i've been playing with some settings, and i realized in winamp if you use the default ipod directories playlists work, but album art doesn't... not sure why, but i have a feeling its because i used media monkey to autotag my music and download album art... so its time to play some more
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