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    Quote Originally Posted by dagold View Post
    Does anybody know how to bookmark I am so happy this now works.
    Yes that works with 1.2.1 update. I selected the streaming option vs download option. How did you find this web address? I have some stations I'd like to just bookmark the address.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtom2444 View Post
    How'd you get KROQ to work? Can't find the url for the live stream anywhere. Man, how i wish we had the I Heart Radio app thingy on WebOS...
    I agree!
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    Quote Originally Posted by k425 View Post

    WebOS 1.2.1 fixes the issue of streaming online radio stations in MP3 format where the stream would stop at 15 or 30 seconds and time out. I checked 2 Radio Stations that would, in the past prior to 1.2.1, stop at 15 or 30 seconds and now they work perfectly!

    Go to The Mobile Stream Center USA - Listen to United States Radio Stations on your Pocket PC, Palm, iPhone, iPod touch, Smartphone, or other PDA or mobile device via Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE or 3G and click on WXYT 97.1 mp3 64k Stereo

    Awesome and Great Job Palm! Thank you.
    NICE - this should mean that slimdevice's slim server should work now..
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    Now if we could only get Sirius XM on here.
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    Remember guys, is still available. Better news, thanks to the fix in the recent update, the site has announced that they are adding hundreds more radio stations! And it shows. I found KROQ on that site, and it works perfectly! High quality and no lag.

    BTW, the guys should really make app (or any other interested developers who want my $5! )

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