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    oh joy! I followed the instructions to reset backup, and now Google is in French!!!!
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    Based on a comment from the PreCentral thread at "palm-update-and-backup-bugs-patchers-take-note", I checked the Profile screen under the Backup App's Preferences Menu.

    The website shows my Profile as "Email Verified", however the Pre shows a warning, "! This profile has not been verified." Pressing the "Resend Verification Email" doesn't result in any action or email.

    I happened to still have the verification email from when I set up the phone in June. I tried clicking the provided link again, and it took me to the "That's it. Your profile is now verified." screen. But the not verified warning still appears in the Backup App Profile screen. No joy...

    I chatted with Palm support, but all they had to suggest was a Partial Erase. I may get to that, but that seems overkill to flip a bit in the phone somewhere. It seems there should be some way to force a new profile, reset this one, or force the phone to be verified.

    I'm curious if others experiencing the backup problem are also verified on the web, but unverified on the Pre. That would tend to confirm (or not) whether or not this was the root of the issue. And, of course, if anyone has suggestions for how to fix this...

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    My Pre is not backing up either. Last Auto was on 9/29. Manual backup seems to work okay. I have homebrews and MyTether installed, but no patches. Ran WebOS Repair for 1.2.1 and it found no files different than WebOSDoctor.

    I turned backup off/on, then did one manually - auto still doesn't work. I turned it off, rebooted, and it turned itself back on, did one manually - auto still doesn't work.

    Not a huge bug, but damned annoying as it should work. If anybody has any other ideas, please let us know.
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    backup's working perfectly for me, 1.2.1 + precentral patches, etc.
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    Mine stopped again a few days ago. Not sure if my installation of patches is somehow interfering with it or not. Looks like I'll have to keep an eye on it.
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    I speculated earlier that the confused state of my profile was causing my auto backups to fail. That seems to be true. Specifically, the website said my profile was verified, but my Pre said the profile had not been verified. I have figured out how to re-verify my profile, and my backups appear to be working again. (They fired once on their own at least.)

    Other threads have also noted that updates are failing because of profile verification problems, so this fix might work for that too. But I have no way to test it.

    To fix your profile, log onto the website (Google "login to palm profile" - sorry, I can't post links yet). Change your email address to another address you have access to. This will change the web profile's state back to awaiting verification. It says it's sending you an email, but in my experience, it lies to you. No matter.

    Go to your Pre's Backup App now, and go into the Profile from the Preferences menu. Once there, press the Resend Verification Email button. It should now post a message saying email sent. This email goes to your original address. (The one you added on the web just seems to go "poof" in the process.) Close the Backup app

    Access your email from the Pre and touch the verification link that was sent to you. It should take you to the verification success web page. Open the Backup App and verify that the verification warning is gone. It should be.

    For good measure, I cycled the Backup state off/on and ran a manual backup. Then the auto backups seems to work after that.
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