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    Originally purchased the Pre on 9/14 from a previous owner of an Instinct, and I was extremely hesitant due to the complaints on the forum.

    Here's what I like about the Pre:

    1) What it does it does very well.
    2) Very responsive touch screen
    3) All contacts synchronized
    4) Fantastic wireless backup. I swapped the phone and everything was saved (except my pix)
    5) I love its ability to access multiple e-mail accounts! I have it syncing to 2 exchange (2007 SP1) and Google IMAP, and another IMAP. It always just works!

    The biggest comment I have about the phone is that:

    1) If you have wireless where you use your phone, turn it on.
    2) Get a case. It's so slippery without a case, but the Seido case works wonders! It adds a bit of bulk, but still keeps it slim.
    3) Typing was a concern at first but after 2wks I type on it much quicker than I ever did on my Instinct
    4) The center button will be phased out in the next pre.
    5) The phone feature is OK.

    Final thoughts: I love the Pre! I had used a Palm device before, but it had a bug that prevented me from sending text messages to people who used T-mobile. I'm glad to be trying a Palm device again!
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    Welcome to the Pre! I have to say, as a former iPhone owner, I love the Pre more.. I'm glad you're enjoying yours!

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