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    Quote Originally Posted by thermodynamic View Post
    Dang, an hour ago my location was working flawlessly under Airave, but now it's placing me in Oakland again.
    I really don't think your earlier success had aything to do with a problem being fixed. I think it's just intermittent reception inside your home.
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    Using my Pre at home with Airave, it still thinks it's in Oakland … but only for about 15 seconds. That's the amount of time it takes to notice the lack of sunshine, the dense fog, the higher rent, and then my trusty Pre places me back home in San Francisco.
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    I'd like to thank DrHeathenScum for the tip on Google Location Services. My wife and I both have Pre's, and since we got our airrave (a couple of OS revisions ago), whenever we were in the house it thought we were a hundred miles away, in Portland. Leave the Airrave zone and it behaves normally. Total mystery, however, given the consistency of the incorrect location, I too suspected a substation location or something like that. Sure enough, un-checking Google location and running on GPS alone yielded a location that was dead-on balls accurate.

    On another note, I forget the poster, but you need next to nothing in terms of internet connection to transmit your voice data. We had entry level Qwest DSL and it was more than enough. I was worried about it too, and the very helpful airrave techs told me you could practically do it with a dial-up connection, that 64 kbit/s would be more than enough. Which explains, in a way, why cell phone calls sound generally so much worse than land line calls. So don't go getting a cable modem just for your airrave.

    p.s. we didn't originally intend on getting an airrave. We got two Pre's with the intention of dumping our landline. (My first-ever cell phone!) When we found we had practically no coverage in our house, I told Sprint, "I understand it's unreasonable to expect 100% coverage throughout residential neighborhoods. But this is kind of a deal-breaker for us, so we'd better call it quits." And the "retention department" was hot to throw an airrave at us, ree of charge in either up-front or monthly charges, to keep us as customers. It worked, and we stuck out the 30 day trail and we're in for at least two years. It seems this is a very common practice, comping airraves. YMMV, FWIW, FYI.
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    I can confirm that it is palcing me correctly as well

    Still 0.10 miles off but better than saying I was in Long Beach, CA when I was in San Diego.
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    Just hooked up a new airave today, and the pre is definetly not fixed to show the proper location. I am in mid-michigan, and my location using google services, is north of CHICAGO. Turned off google service and got a somewhat better result. Not "dead on balls accurate", but close enough.
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    The Pre will locate me correctly if I turn off Google Location Services and just use GPS.

    BUT, the question I have is, has anyone determined if this:
    1. makes any difference in battery life (to use GPS only)?
    2. makes any difference regarding the speed or accuracy of locating us?

    If there's no difference, why would there be Google Location Services at all? I'm just wondering what we're missing out on by turning off Google Location Services. Thanks,
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    What is happening is that the phone is getting a GPS lock after a bit and it will use that over the LBS data from the "cell tower" (airave).

    It's been that way since Day 1.
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    For me, when I'm at home with my Airave, it has never shown my home location until I turned off Google Location Services... So I'm just trying to figure out the real effect of turning that off (for when away from home). Thanks,
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    haha yes us LA folk are screwed. I am in Long Beach as well (according to the stupid airave)
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