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    OK, the Funny first.

    I wanted to try out the new route options in Google maps. I did a route from my house to my place of work. Looks like it shoots for as "straight" of a line as possible; has me turning down streets I never knew existed. Here's the kicker! If I ever need to walk to work, it will only take me 5 hours, 11 minutes!!!

    OK, now the question.

    Whenevr my phones gets low on juice (< 50%), my GPS starts to act wonky. That last couple of times I've tried to use it around 30%ish, it never gets a lock-on. Today when trying, it wouldn't even try (I was down aroun ~15%). When trying the interactive tests, it would IMMEDIATELY flash to "no signal found" where previously it would spin for a long time.

    I've juiced my phone and got it ~20% and did a reset. Now, it's working OK (that's how I got my walking directions).

    Does the Pre kill the GPS chip on a low battery to save juice??

    Has anyone else experienced something similar?


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    I had to get somewhere and my phone was dying and I was like ahhh jeez! I had to manually chart a course from Google Maps (Thank You Google!) Normally the phone's GPS works flawlessly!

    Hence why I now have a vehicle charger.
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    Not sure if this will help in your situation or not, but if my GPS is acting wonky, I go to the phone app to dial ##GPS# and get a fix. Try it next time you are on low battery.

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